Aug 20, 2018


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XAH "Block D1174-E/23", c60 - 3$
Dark sounding noise of moving, tossing and turning some strange metal masses. Released on brotherly label "ШК".

Ryosuke Kiyasu "Concert in Tokyo 2018", c35 - 3$
Snare drum solo by Ryosuke Kiyasu (SETE STAR SEPT, KIYASU ORCHESTRA, FUSHITSUSHA).

Macronympha "How To Win At All Cost", c40 - 3$
Legendary multilayered harsh noise beast.

Vomir, c90 - 3$
Classic static harsh noise output from Vomir.

RES "New Dawn", cdr - 2$
Power electronics from Ukraine. Second album.
31 minutes. CDR in a thin plastic sleeve.