Apr 21, 2018


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Macronympha "How To Win At All Cost", c40 - 3$
Legendary multilayered harsh noise beast.

Vomir, c90 - 3$
Classic static harsh noise output from Vomir.

Д. В. Букин "Пения", c14 - 2$
Chants by D. V. Bukin. What is this? Singing while asleep or singing from a dream? D. V. Bukin (from Complex Brigade Cirrhosis) does not answer these questions. High dynamic range record. Recorded in Donetsk, winter 2014.

RES "New Dawn", cdr - 2$
Power electronics from Ukraine. Second album.
31 minutes. CDR in a thin plastic sleeve.

RES "Labyrinth", cdr - 2$
Power electronics from Ukraine.
37 minutes. CDR in hard paper sleeve with insert (in russian).