Mar 23, 2019


All tapes and CD-Rs are for 3 EUR each.
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Vtoma S/T, c36
Raw power.

Ilja Bilga & Mikhail Paramzin "The Crutch of Civilization", c34
Костыль цивилизации. Bass, guitar, drums and clay whistle. Recorded live in Aug 2016.

Ilja Bilga "Yuxugorme", c34
Electric guitar & PVC-saxophone. Recorded live in Jan 2017.

Ryosuke Kiyasu "Concert in Tokyo 2018", c35
Snare drum solo by Ryosuke Kiyasu (SETE STAR SEPT, KIYASU ORCHESTRA, FUSHITSUSHA).

Macronympha "How To Win At All Cost", c40
Legendary multilayered harsh noise beast.

Vomir, c90
Classic static harsh noise output from Vomir.

RES "New Dawn", cdr
Power electronics from Ukraine. Second album.
31 minutes. CDR in a thin plastic sleeve.


XAH "Poisoned And Cluttered Up", c40
Scrap metal noise tape. A1, A2 and B1 tracks recorded in August 2018. Tracks A3 and B2 recorded in September 2017.

XAH "Block D1174-E/23", c60
Dark sounding noise of moving, tossing and turning some strange metal masses.